Our Dental Hygienist -Kortni RDH

Kortni Davis RDH


Kortni comes to our practice with over 15 years of dental experience. Prior to becoming one of our Dental Hygienist, she was a Registered Dental Assistant, Dental Office Manager, Regional Director, and a Business Development representative for some of the most well respected dental companies in the area.

Kortni's attention to detail makes her dental hygiene practice and patient care unparallelled to others in the industry. 

Our patients love to hear her stories and where she has been in her career, as well as, where she plans on going. Most of our patients have now become life-long friends of hers!

Kortni is a part of a Board of Education that helps mold future Dental Hygienist in the DFW area, a promotor of Smile Train (A dental charity whose main objective is to help those with cleft lips and cleft palates), and is in the process of launching her own app tailored to help Dental Professionals succeed in their careers. 

Just check out our Google reviews to see how much fun your dental visits can be with Kortni as your Dental Hygienist!

Wayne T Ku DDS

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