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Root canal therapy gives you the chance to save a tooth that you’d otherwise have to lose because of decay or damage. Expert dentist, Wayne Ku, DDS, at Plano Dental Excellence in Plano, Texas, offers root canal therapy that restores your tooth and makes you comfortable again. Use the online appointment maker or call the office for root canal therapy today.

Root Canal Therapy Q & A

What is root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy is a treatment in which Dr. Ku removes the infected part of your tooth, which is called the pulp. Through removal of the pulp, Dr. Ku can save the still-healthy part of your tooth and relieve your pain as well. 

When do I need root canal therapy?

Untreated cavities and trauma to the tooth, both of which lead to infection, are the most common reasons for needing root canal therapy. 

When you don't get treatment, the damage can move beyond the pulp and into the rest of your tooth or even the bone below it. If that happens, tooth extraction may be needed. Root canal therapy allows you to stop the pain, spread of infection, and save your tooth.

How do I know if I have a tooth infection?

Tooth infection can cause a variety of difficult symptoms, such as:

  • Tooth darkening
  • Tooth pain when you chew
  • Tooth sensitivity to extreme temperatures
  • Bad breath
  • Throbbing sensation around the tooth
  • Bump on your gum, at the base of the tooth

If you have some of these symptoms, it's important to see Dr. Ku as soon as possible. The sooner that you see Dr. Ku, the better the chance that your tooth is savable. 

How does root canal therapy work?

After Dr. Ku examines your teeth and takes X-rays to assess the full damage to your tooth, he plans a root canal therapy procedure for you. Dr. Ku numbs the area around your tooth using local anesthetic and then makes a small hole in the tooth to reach the infected pulp. 

Dr. Ku removes the infected tooth pulp and then flushes out the tooth to clean it thoroughly. After that, Dr. Ku places either a sealant or a temporary crown to protect your tooth. 

At your next appointment, Dr. Ku places your permanent crown on your tooth. Because the permanent crown is customized for you, it looks and works just like your natural tooth did prior to infection. 

Root canal therapy takes the damaged part of your tooth away and then restores your tooth to its regular appearance and function. For help with an infected tooth, call Plano Dental Excellence or use online scheduling today.