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“I had braces as a kid with all those cuts in my mouth. I was not doing that again, but once I started wearing Invisalign, I started smiling more. I’m more confident in my smile and myself. Invisalign has given me a fresh start.”


“I meet with clients and give presentations all day. You’re supposed to always convey positivity in these meetings and I was always a bit self-conscious of my smile. For me, wearing braces was just not an option. Braces just don’t fit my professional career or lifestyle. With Invisalign, no one even knows. The new found confidence in my smile really helps my career.”



“Invisalign gave my child confidence with his smile. It’s just one less thing to worry about as a parent. For us, money is tight. Like any parent, I worry about what is best for my kids. They informed us of their payment plans and worked with us to get my kids’ dental health taken care of.”


“No one even knows I have Invisalign. I sometimes even forget they’re in. They’re so easy. I eat whatever I want and can take Invisalign out to brush and floss.”


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